About KAH

The working class, in the course of its development, will substitute for the old civil society an association which will exclude classes and their antagonism, and there will be no more political power properly so-called, since political power is precisely the official expression of antagonism in civil society.“ (MECW 6, p. 212)

Kommunistische Assoziation Hamburg (KAH) ['Communist Association Hamburg'] is a group of people engaged with Marxist theory and practice, which was found in the summer of 2009. It comprises of communists of all ages, former members of autonomous or anti-fascist groups (i.e., some were active in the Rote Flora until 2004), who left their political circles when these started to move towards the middle class or even further to the right neo-conservative camp.

The continuing erosion and discredit of anti-capitalism, the growing acceptance and dissemination of western chauvinism, warmongering and militarism, Islamophobia and racism as well as other regressive tendencies within the German left – covering the whole spectrum from autonomous-anarchists over left parties as far as members of former Marxism Leninism Groups – lead us to take of an inventory of the politics of contemporary leftists and pseudo-leftists.

KAH’s goal is a fundamental new communist-revolutionary politic among present-day class struggles, and to find a way out of the defensive position of the left in capitalist society today. To be able to carry out such a historical-specific realignment, a force is necessary who publicly articulates an antithetic critique, for which the analysis of the outlined affirmation of poor conditions within the left is necessary. This critique is absolutely mandatory and must be promoted offensively without limiting the political struggle to it. The transition from today’s society into a freed one can only be undertaken by an actual movement, which must comprise in present-day class struggles – in their various different manifestations. Since October 2009 we hold (for the time being internal) regular discussion- and work-meetings.